Designed by: Dan Just & Leonie Hamill

Manufactured by: Cube Dentro

Detailing by: Just Detailing


Designed by: Morgan Cronin

Manufactured by: Cronin Kitchens

Detailing by: Just Detailing


Designed by: Leonie Hamill

Manufactured by: Cube Dentro

Detailing by: Just Detailing

From A Simple Sketch On Paper

Just Detailing creates the perfect road map to achieve your vision.


100% Accurate Drawings

From technical advice, to detailed drawings, to ensuring all technical information is correct and plans are prepared for production, my attention to detail is unwavering.


Photo Realistic Renders

Just Detailing is leading the industry with true-to-life concepts that make the decision making easy for your clients.

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Innovative Software

My investment in Vectorworks gives my clients an enrichening experience across the entire journey, from sketches and presentation documents, to developed technical drafting through to CNC fabrication.

About Vectorworks

Walk-Through Animations

I will bring your designs to life with immersive walk-through videos.

Award Winning Technical Drawings

My work is an integral link in the chain for those who are winning the most prestigious awards in the kitchen design landscape.

Vectorworks Objects

Download my Vectorworks objects to cut the time out of detailing generic objects and placeholder furniture. These models are custom made and 100% accurate to manufacturing specifications in order to save you time and money.


“I believe attention to detail is the key to success. Working with a detailer who shares this philosophy is vital to me at Cronin Kitchens. Dan plays an integral part in our award-winning designs and I respect his commitment to accuracy throughout the journey. From his interpretation of my unique ideas, to his engaging renders, right through to drafting and CNC fabrication, partnering with Dan is exceptional. He gets that innovation and precision must go hand in hand.”

Morgan Cronin, Cronin Kitchens

“Dan is our preferred detailer because he understands what it takes to create an innovative and functional space for our high-end clients. Dan is very collaborative in his approach. His former background in kitchen design gives him a real awareness of all the steps involved, with a particular appreciation of the production process. Our manufacturing team know that Dan’s drawings will be 10/10 for clarity and accuracy. His vision aligns with ours - he embraces new technologies and seeks out best-practice and efficiencies wherever possible. Actually he’s often the unsung hero in the process! Thank you for your commitment Dan.”

Leonie Hamill, Cube Dentro

"Dan’s knowledge is second to none. Not only is his knowledge and attention to detail in Kitchen & Spatial design second to none, his technical knowledge of cabinet construction and production ensures that all designs not only look amazing but function correctly too. With Dan’s knowledge I’m truly able to bring any idea to life and I know that through his production drawings, our team of cabinetmakers will be able to clearly understand the vision too!"

Melanie John, Cube Dentro

“It is an honour to have Dan detail our kitchens. The team at Kitchen Dynamics appreciate his commitment to quality and his responsive turnaround of complex work. Ours is an industry where time counts, and we often put pressure on Dan to produce renders and detailed drawings under tight timeframes. Regardless, he remains calm and his efficient approach is never at the expense of accuracy or passion for what he does. We applaud Dan’s attitude for rolling up his sleeves and delivering exceptional work every time.”

Colin Drummond, Kitchen Dyn