Vectorworks is a renowned software application primarily utilized for computer-aided design (CAD) and building information modeling (BIM).

Developed by Vectorworks, Inc., a global design and BIM software company, it offers a wide range of tools catering to architects, landscape designers, entertainment professionals, and other design disciplines.

Vectorworks is great because it can create precise 2D drawings and immersive 3D models, making it a fantastic asset for designers who need detailed drawings to bring their creative visions to life.

Whether in architecture, interior design, landscaping, or entertainment, Vectorworks continues to be a go-to choice for design professionals worldwide.

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History-based modeling

The 3D solids modeling commands in Vectorworks are now much more flexible and intuitive, supporting nearly endless permutations and combinations - both in the sequence of creating an object, as well as in modifying specific steps later in the design process. No need to "start again" when something needs to be changed, enabling you to experience more natural and iterative modeling.

List browser direct editing

Software interfaces with a lot of options can become unwieldy to users - especially when you need to navigate through one or more dialog boxes and option tabs to make minor edits. With Vectorworks 2020, eliminate frustrations by directly editing fields in a list browser, such as the Navigation palette or the Organization dialog. Directly edit common items such as class, layer, viewport or sheet names, increasing your workflow efficiency. All you have to do is click and edit.

Vectorworks graphics module

Our latest Vectorworks Graphics Module can now better control the graphic display of complex objects. The improvements will hide covered objects, auto-reduce meshes and simplify the level of detail on native objects - leading to dramatically improved file performance while speeding up the responsiveness of your Vectorworks files. Enjoy faster file navigation, view changes, tool operations, more responsive models and the ability to handle much larger projects.

Walkthrough animations

Presenting animated videos of your models is now greatly simplified with a reinvention of the walkthrough animation options in Vectorworks 2020. Transform walkthrough paths and camera movements into professional real-time animations that are significantly easier to accomplish. You can even accomplish 360 panoramas with just one click. And with the added ability to render your videos in the cloud, you can create animations without interrupting your workflow.