Dan Just | Cabinetry Detailer


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Dan & Julianne Just - Award Winning CAD Detailer
National Certificate In Design with a strand in Kitchen Design (Level 4) NZQF

As an industry-leading CAD Detailer, I bring a diverse background of skills and expertise to my role.

As a kitchen detailer, I am adept at interpreting a design idea and creating the perfect road map for achieving it.


I am fortunate to bring a diverse background of skills and expertise to my role as a CAD Detailer.

Having spent the earlier stages of my career designing kitchens, I have a comprehensive understanding of the entire journey. My wife, Julianne, helps with all detailing and the intricate fact-finding of appliance specifications and so on. Together we make a great team.

From concepts to technical drafting, through to CNC fabrication, we recognise that a lot of thought and intuition goes into a kitchen to ensure a successful outcome. My role is to convert the ideas of a kitchen designer into a concise set of instructions to create a functional and beautiful end product.

For me, it goes beyond accuracy, design interpretation and hours at the computer.


I consider my role a privilege to work with the minds of some of New Zealand's most minted and coveted cabinetry designers.

Together, we have an opportunity to break ground in creativity and back it up with precision and practicality as every project is brought to life. It's a chance to be solution driven and forward thinking. A chance to delight the end user with photo-crisp renders so they can visualise their space, while at the same time keep those on the factory floor happy with accurate drawings.

Kitchen detailing is an imperative step in the overall design journey and Just Detailing has become the chosen CAD drawing partner for some of the best kitchen design companies in the country.

Why choose Just Detailing?


100% Accuracy

From technical advice, to detailed drawings, to ensuring all technical information is correct and plans are prepared for production, my attention to detail is unwavering.


Industry Awards

My work is an integral link in the chain for those who are winning the most prestigious awards in the kitchen design landscape.


Photo-Realistic Renders

Leading the industry with true-to-life concepts that make the decision making easy for your clients.


Innovative Software

My investment in Vectorworks and other innovative software gives my clients an enrichening experience across the entire journey, from sketches and presentation documents, to developed technical drafting through to CNC fabrication.


Attention To Detail

A kitchen is a significant investment, I respect that! It is my responsibility to keep things stress free at all touchpoints in the process, including seamless production and installation.


From small scale apartment kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes and laundry’s to large, high end spaces. I am a Cabinetry Detailer who does it all.

Just Detailing creates beautifully engaging ‘presentation’ drawings, right through to the intricate and technical paperwork required for CNC fabrication.

What do we do?

  • Work with designers to interpret concepts & create engaging client presentations/renders
  • Provide technical advice for the design team, along with logical, solution-driven ideas
  • Keep a strict adherence to budgets and timeframes
  • Develop technical drafting through to CNC fabrication, using industry leading software
  • Provide any trouble shooting and/or advice to the CNC operator to ensure production is seamless and waste minimal
  • Keep our finger on the pulse with kitchen industry trends and continue to learn.