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A Deep Dive Into Vectorworks Interiorcad – Unlocking Interior Design Excellence

In the ever-evolving landscape of interior design, precision and efficiency are paramount. For professionals in cabinetry, interior design and carpentry, the Interiorcad plugin for Vectorworks emerges as a game-changer, seamlessly bridging the gap between creative concepts and tangible, manufacturable realities. Developed by Extragroup, Interiorcad stands as a testament to innovation in Computer-Aided Design (CAD), offering a rich suite of features tailored to the diverse needs of designers and manufacturers alike. Every designer and detailer should have Interiorcad in their toolkit; it's essential.

Powerful Core Features

1. Materials and Fittings Library

At the heart of Interiorcad lies an extensive Materials and Fittings Library, a treasure trove for designers seeking efficiency and precision. This feature serves as a bridge from basic designs to CNC machine-manufactured masterpieces. The library encompasses many real-world materials and fittings, from drawer slides to connectors, feet, dowels, handles, and hinges. Its real-time updates ensure seamless alignment with the latest market offerings, often updating within a day of a new fitting's launch.

2. Production Realism

Interiorcad has a unique feature sets it apart from other design software - a focus on production realism. With the aid of production-accurate hinges, handles, and fittings, designers can accurately represent the finished product to their clients. This saves time and provides clients with a better understanding of the intricate details, such as edge banding, veneers, millings, and core materials. As a result, clients can make informed and confident decisions during the design phase.

3. Fully-functional Bespoke Furniture

The 3D Cabinet tool within Interiorcad empowers designers with unparalleled freedom to create bespoke furniture. Flexibility and user-friendly interfaces make this tool the top choice for crafting individualised furniture. It's not just a tool; it's a canvas for your imagination, allowing you to bring your unique design concepts to life effortlessly.

4. Smart Custom Parts

Crafting custom parts becomes a breeze with Interiorcad. Each custom part is modelled meticulously as board material, complete with a core, two outer layers, and edge banding. The tool allows for the inclusion of any number of millings, offering unparalleled freedom in design. Imagine windows in walls but for your furniture components.

5. Part Layouts & Documentation

Creating documentation for a design can be a time-consuming task, but with Interiorcad, it has become effortless and straightforward. The automatic part layout feature has made the dimensioning process more efficient, from drilling details to overall measurements. Interior designers have complete control over the page layout, text sizes, colours, hatches, and other customisable settings. This ensures that your documentation effectively communicates information and aligns perfectly with your design aesthetics.

Innovative Features

Interiorcad, powered by Vectorworks, caters to a spectrum of design needs, from cabinet making and interior design to shopfitting, exhibition design, and interior architecture. The software integrates innovative features that set it apart:

  • Parametric Planning: Interiorcad is a fully developed cabinet maker offering parametric planning for angled furniture with custom fronts. Changes to cabinets can be made at any time, ensuring adaptability throughout the design process.
  • Accessories Palette: A diverse range of accessories, including fittings and textures provides designers with a broad palette to enhance their creations.
  • Integrated Rendering: The integration of rendering capabilities within Vectorworks including plugins from Enscape, Lumion and Twinmotion enables time-saving rendering of cut-outs and photo montages directly within the software.
  • CNC Integration: Direct export to CNC programs from Interiorcad cabinetry including freehand-constructed custom parts, with the ability to add and alter machinable parts, drillings and millings using Interiorcad tools before delivery to machines.
  • Cutting Lists and Export Formats: Generate cutting lists in your preferred layout, including information about mitred angles, finished sizes, cutting measures, grades, and slanted parts. The open export format facilitates seamless processing in PPS software.
Vectorworks Interiorcad

Vectorworks Interiorcad Workflow

Vectorworks and the plugin Interiorcad is an end-to-end CAD software solution for designing and manufacturing cabinets and architectural joinery. Its intuitive user interface, sophisticated presentation abilities, and three-dimensional production planning make it a versatile tool for designers across various domains.

Extragroup's strategic choice of Vectorworks as the CAD core for Interiorcad reflects a commitment to harnessing the power of a robust 3D CAD system. Vectorworks distinguishes itself as the only CAD on the market that seamlessly integrates 2D capabilities at the level of a graphics program. This integration ensures that layout, labelling, and annotation effortlessly align with the designer's workflow, eliminating the need for additional software.

1. Design Flexibility and Parametric Tools

Vectorworks Interiorcad adopts a 3D workflow that allows users to create cabinets, kitchen designs, or furniture of any shape or size. Parametric tools within the software empower users to generate casework with unmatched ease and speed. Whether it's cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, or offices, Vectorworks Interiorcad facilitates a seamless design-to-construction workflow.

2. Customisation and Unconventional Shapes

The software supports the creation of custom parts and unconventional bespoke shapes, enabling designers to explore curvilinear and freeform designs. The parametric nature of the software ensures that drawings can be easily modified at any stage of the design process, providing a high degree of flexibility.

3. Collaboration with Vectorworks Architect

Vectorworks Architect and Interiorcad work harmoniously to draw floor plans with automatically live synced elevations at designated sections. This collaboration enhances the overall design and documentation process, offering architects and interior designers a comprehensive solution.

4. Revolutionising Planning with Manufacturing Realism

In pursuing photorealism, Interiorcad introduces the concept of manufacturing realism, revolutionising the planning process. Interiorcad produces a level of realism that minimises the need for test assemblies, as potential errors are identified and addressed during the planning phase.

5. 2D and 3D Harmony

Interiorcad breaks the traditional boundaries of choosing between 2D and 3D design. Designers can seamlessly transition between the two, working entirely in 2D and converting sketches into 3D models at any point. The reshape tool simplifies modelling, allowing designers to draw on 3D surfaces and convert designs into 3D effortlessly—a revolutionary concept.

6. CAD-ERP Integration for Seamless Workflow

Integrating Interiorcad with profacto eliminates manual intermediate steps, streamlining the design-to-production workflow. This integration extends to component derivation, fittings database, CNC programming, and more, offering a comprehensive and efficient CAD-ERP solution.

7. Let Your CAD Do the Work

Interiorcad's extensive features ensure that your CAD does the heavy lifting. From component derivation that measures everything down to the last hole to the option to specify dimensions, colours, and hatching, Interiorcad empowers designers to focus on creativity. At the same time, the CAD system takes care of the technical details.

8. Strong Partnerships and Connectivity

Thanks to standardised interfaces, Interiorcad stays ahead with timely updates, ensuring access to new fittings as soon as they hit the market. The software also facilitates seamless export to cutting optimisations, third-party ERP systems, and spreadsheets. Additionally, it offers import functions for custom fittings, measurement coordinates, and manufacturer data, enhancing its versatility.


Interiorcad Training and Support

I recognise the importance of continuous learning and provide training for Interiorcad and Vectorworks in New Zealand. I help users get the most out of their investment in Vectorworks.

My work is an integral link in the chain for those who are winning the most prestigious awards in the kitchen design landscape with a National Certificate In Design and many years of experience working with Vectorworks and Interiorcad to create amazing spaces that impress clients. I've also had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest cabinetry designers in New Zealand and understand exactly how to utilise the most advanced features of the Vectorworks software.

This is why I now offer a professional Vectorworks Interiorcad training course, where I will walk you through the software step-by-step so that you can fully understand all the features Vectorworks has to offer. Book your Vectorworks Training session today.


Elevating Interior Design with Interiorcad

In conclusion, Interiorcad, powered by Vectorworks, emerges as a formidable tool for interior designers, cabinet makers, and professionals in related fields. Its robust features, innovative approach to manufacturing realism, and seamless integration with Vectorworks make it a top choice for those seeking excellence in interior design. Whether crafting bespoke furniture, planning intricate cabinets, or designing complex interior spaces, Interiorcad empowers you to transform your ideas into tangible, manufacturable realities. Explore the limitless possibilities of Interiorcad and witness the revolution it brings to the world of interior design.

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